Monday, 24 December 2012

Former Nerf child actor admits modded blasters in TV ads!

Hi guys, i'm sure you will all recognise this face:
(Devon Sawa poster boy for Nerf)
He was the poster boy for Nerf TV advertisements, posters Ads, and covers of many Nerf blasters, before he moved on to bigger career opportunites like Hollywood movies like Casper music videos like Eminems Stan and more! (more info on Devon here)
Recently he gave an interview to the A.V Club. and for the lazy ones, here is the only Nerf question:
AVC: When you were the Nerf spokesperson, did you get free Nerf toys?

Devon Sawa:
"I got boxes and boxes and boxes. And here’s the thing: These weren’t just regular Nerf guns. The prop guys and the special-effects guys would put bigger springs in them. They were these hyped-up Nerf toys for the commercials. I hope I’m not going to get in trouble for saying that. But they were altered to shoot farther and harder, and I would come home with boxes of them. Boxes of footballs, boxes of these Nerf guns. I was the cool kid on the block. We’d actually have Nerf battles in the old neighborhood that looked like the commercials, with all the kids flying around shooting guns. It was pretty epic."
This is the product in question, the Kenner N-Strike Arrow Storm bow:

His answer troubles me I won't lie, but hey, don't we all mod our gear nowadays?

I think we all honestly mod blasters in some way or another, internally us Kidults started it all (what kid would ever dream of cracking open a internally mechanic toy? Except the mad scientists amonst us!).

Nowadays its a different story with the Elite range, but the N-Strike stuff I dont think anyone minds because it was all the way back in 1994. I think an issue most would have tho is the fact they gave a modded up blaster to a kid so young back then.

Source: Devon Sawa on Nikita, Nerf and going from teen-heart throb to SLC punk!

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