Tuesday, 11 December 2012

N-Strike Elite Rayven makes a debut on the TRUus site

Yep, our US Nerfcounter parts have been dazzled already with random retail popup sales across different states of the N-Strike Elite Rayven - set for release in 2013 as part of the new N-Strike Elite range.


We UK Nerfers have to sit tight and watch Smyths and Amazon.co.uk to pick up the slack on pre released retail sale. Tho some Smyth stores have them in limited stock in the UK, we have to wait that dastardly 1-2 month wait still. This is still set to change as stock is released to UK retailers.

The new Elite Rayven sports the new much needed love glo-in-the-dark elite dart range as well as a fresh Firefly glo-in-dark battle mag. The Rayven also has an inbuilt light source which will require a whopping 4xAA batteries.

First off impressions - it looks great, and with a possible 3 tactical rails makes it a very versatile blaster. The original lets remember had an acceptable rate of fire, and could pack a healthy magazine, so it would be really interesting to take a look at the new system after the new internal workings in the Rough Cut 2x4 were really advanced compared to previous blaster tech.

All in all a lot of excitement for this new blaster in anyones arsenel! Maybe a family memeber or friend can ship you guys over one for a nice stocking filler :)

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