Sunday, 9 December 2012

First blog post, intro to me!

Hey guys!

Welcome to the first of many posts regarding everything Nerf!

A bit about myself, 33 years old (never too old to Nerf I say!). I actually started Nerfing when it first came out and as I got older, I naturally moved onto Airsoft (BBgunning) and Painballing.

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting an old friend, when a couple of guys came over and were heading over to the local park to have a Nerf war. They were a man down, so I stood in with an Elite Retaliator thrown into my hands!

The fight took a couple of hours with many different scenarios, and I was hooked once again! Will get my hands on the video and once editing is done I will upload to my YouTube page :)

I've noticed one thing in many comments over YouTube and one thing I want to comment on. Paintballing is great fun (it hurts buy it's fun!) and Airsoft is great fun also with the massive range of weapons but the both share one thing in common - you are limited to certain areas of play (Commissioned play zones, backyard, etc!). BUT! Nerf has, and in my opinion, always will be an open free for all! Thats the major difference, you can grab a weapon and head outside or even battle it out inside!

So here begins the love of the old game, thru my YouTube channel, my Twitter and my news blog!

Cheers for reading, and sharing your thoughts and opinions with me :)

Nerf On!

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  1. I would only consider myself a casual collector up until this year. I'd seen a few modding videos (500rnd Nerf chain gun mod or something) and was hooked. Nerf is great because compared to paintball and air soft the cost of entry is extremely low. The price of 1 airsoft gun is roughly the price of 5 Nerf blasters AND some spare ammo and clips. Not to mention I wouldn't feel comfortable shooting air soft in my house.