Saturday, 29 December 2012

REVIEW: 2013 Nerf Elite Strongarm

Hi guys,

Been pretty super busy travelling around to and from inlaws and family over the Xmas holiday period, and not had a chance to do much review-wise. But find below my review for the new 2013 N-Strike Elite Strongarm blaster.


It's a pretty awesome sidearm blaster, a definate for hvZ or regular Nerf battles. If you can't get your hands on a Stryfe, then the Strongarm is a suitable option.

It's much slimmer but retains a meaty look and weight unlike the bulkier Maverick, and generally feels like a good sidearm. The internal mechanics are smart (as with all the new 2013 Elite range!) and you can see how they have addressed the AR system seal with a foam-sealed snap-trapdoor. There is also a needle tooth that detects if there is a dart in the chamber, allowing you to properly fire the blaster, instead of dry-shooting and damaging the blaster AR seal.

When the barrel is closed, it completes a very tight seal around the chambered dart, ensuring that Elite range.

One thing that many of us had hoped, is the ability to chain fire all barrels one after the other. Whilst they have not opted for this (I can hear your "Boo's!" all the way over here in London!) they have taken the time to address this. When you fire a dart off, the chamber rotation occurs after the dart has cleared the Strongarm. This makes for a cleaner and more accurate lineup for the next dart. Most Maverick users had an issue with this or the problem of the next round not lining up well enough and some even reporting this to cause annoying jams.

Another plus over the Maverick, is that the barrel cut-outs allow loading of the darts on the fly (4 at a time, or if you have the time and space to breathe, do a full load-out quickly. The barrel opens out far enough to allow it to be fully loaded in one go without too much messing about.


All in all a most definte replacement to the Maverick, the ranges are confident and a most definite blaster for a battle or hvZ!
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  1. The Strongarm does indeed have the slamfire feature. It is extremely well thought out engineering that went into this maverick/spectre hybrid. Flat fire distance out of the box was 40-45 feet. After AR removal and relief valve sealing, flat ranges were 70 feet (US version).

  2. I love how the new Elites have smart AR internal mechanics. Nerf engineer always work 2 years ahead of the current release, so I can't imagine what magic they have got instore for us :)

    I heard that the US Nerf blasters are different from Europe/Asia.

    1. That is definitely true, I live in Asia and straight out of the box, this baby could already shoot 75 feet at an incline(No mods). Love it, am probably gonna buy a new one.

  3. I just got one yesterday and am having a BLAST with it! I love the slamfire! I also love the fact that after reloading you don't have to push the drum back in.Just jerk the blaster to one side and the drum clicks right in!