Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Calling all UK Nerfers!

Hey folks, hope you are well!

Just wanted to make a feature of a growing community for UK Nerfers - Brit Nerf - who discuss everything from mods, trading, Nerf War reports and battle meetups!

The UK it seems has lacked pinpoint or organisation it seems which is sad compared to our US counterNerfparts who get a lot of Nerf support from official Nerf tournaments (winning 4man prize of $25,000...!) to frequent meetups. The same goes for Nerfers in Asia who have a solid organisation of community and support for battle meetups.

Hopefully this forum is what we need in the UK to help swing things along on this tiny rock! :)

I also want to highlight an awesome site (scaringly mine is similar to this one tho its been running 3 years prior! Great minds...!) that appears to have the first UK Nerf Location Database.

An awesome idea and use of Google Maps! Please register, and see who is around you, follow closely the guidelines on how to get involved, but pay extra note to this below:
Please do not take down any information which you personally did not put up.
As a heads up for the younger Nerf players, I strongly suggest listing only an email that has limited personal profile information, as the primary source of contact. Don't divolve any further contact info unless you are sure of the legitimacy to safeguard yourself. If you are doing this let someone or an adult know, not only for your own protection and safety but so others know what you are up to and where! You know never know, you might get some previously unknown Nerfer mates along too! :)

 The link to register is as follows!  UK Nerf Location Database, hopefully we can strike up an awesome community here in the UK, and show Hasbro Nerf that we should not be neglected as a Nerferbase!

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