Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Best 3 stock blasters for a battle?!

Hey guys, been thinking about this one a lot recently for an upcoming Xmas battle. The guys decided a 3 stock blaster cap for a battle. 1 Range, 1close combat, 1 sidearm. No dual-wield or mods. 3 Dart lives.
"Ok easy, done!" ...I'm thinking.
Or wait.

Is it really as straight forward as I thought ?

Now considering there is a very meaty range of blasters out there - not to mention the new 2013 range, I decided to settle on using my Retaliator, a Stryfe and a Firestrike.

Why those?

Well my thinking was for versatility I can use the Retaliator (or maybe now i'm thinking Rampage?). The Retaliator is an awesome blaster for long and close range combat situations. It has accuracey and a modest dart output. When you put this against the Rampage we move into a grey territory - get close and fire off a ton of darts... take more punishment than you really dealt even if you wipe a guy out and are left with say 1 or no lives at all. So heres where the Retaliator really comes into its own.

Time to move on to secondary blaster.

Now, for a secondary blaster, you want, no, better NEED flash firepower. Drop a ton of bricks (or darts!) on the enemy before they have a chance to blink twice. Right? The new Rough Cut 2x4 is an excellent choice i'm thinking. The ability to dump 8 darts is a quick succession makes perfect sense - but what about the Rampage? (Hah!). Wait. What about the Stryfe? (Doh!). Going to come back to this one I think...

Ok. sidearm blaster - Firestrike. No wait. Maverick. Still a decent range, power and dart load that can be dropped quickly with a nice rate of fire. The Firestrike has been shown as a very accurate sidearm, it's main drawback being that it can only fire 1 dart at a time. Hmpf. But wait. The Maverick successor is the Strongarm! (cue #hallelujah# and angels from above). The Strongarm is a real juicy fast paced sidearm, that deals a punch with deadly accuracey. It's ability to carry 10 rounds with the new internal system makes it a no brainer... right?

So after thinking over my secondary blaster, i'm decided it's going to be the Stryfe. Win or lose, they'll hear me firing this baby up and run for cover! Hah!

Time for a cup of tea I think.

What would you guys take?


  1. For me, no question...2 strongarms and a stryfe. The strongarms allow stealth and fire 6 darts each powerfully and accurately and the stryfe is also powerful but slightly less accurate whilst laying down some heavy fire from a 25 drum clip. For the strongarms, I'd swap out the elite darts for a new pack of old school whistlers. It would give up a slight bit of distance, but makes more than enough back for accuracy.

  2. Briaros, loving your thinking man! Two Strongarm and a Stryfe. I get. The impression youre a fast hitting stealth ninja in battle.

    Love the combo man, and thanks for the comment :)

    1. It's definitely how my co-workers "see" me. Cubicle warfare at it's finest!

  3. Lmao, show some vids of you being King of Cubicle warfare :)

    1. HAHA, I would love to, but most of our battles are very impromptu when we have a lull in our workflow, so not much time to get someone to catch it on video.

  4. For me in a indoor battle a swarmfire with a barrel swap snd voltage mod , and a modded speedload to shoot 70 ft would be my choice as the swarmfire has impressive rof with a voltage mod and can never jam, so its useful for run and gunning, as well the barrel swap will allow me to reload quickly. the speedload would cover those long ranges, as well as having slamfire, and quick reloading via the side port.

    1. Just in case you didn't know, the Strongarm has slamfire as well and has never jammed on me as the speedloads tend to do.

  5. Retaliator, Stockade and... a modified alpha trooper. We have a "marksman" rifle, a shotgun and a SMG. Perfect to kick some a**

  6. My line up will be an Elite Rayven, a Rough Cut and a Strongarm.

    I really wish they can put out more blasters that you can manually prime and use batteries.

  7. Here's my ideal line up
    Massacre Loadout
    Range: Magnus (IX-3)
    CQC: Rapidstrike CS-18 (ECS-18)
    Sidearm: Sweet Revenge (REV-5) or Hammershot (REV-5)

    The Magnus has decent range for picking people off, excellent range to size ratio, and is much faster than the alternative: the *****turion.
    The Rapidstrike is scary since it has a distinctive roar, can unload darts as fast as a Stryfe without tiring your finger out, and is just plain EPIC!!!
    The revolvers are both good pistols, and the only real difference between them is aesthetics, although the SR provides a holster that I can use, and the Hammershot will need something.