Monday, 31 December 2012

Nerf Longshot pump action mod

Hey guys, courtesy of Oznerdnerf, wanted to share this mod video with you, it's so awesome, i'm sure you will agree!!

He has an ebay shop so check it out! and also a Nerf blog:

50v Vulcan mod

Title says it all, Oznerfnerd is an amazing guy, check his video!

(50v Vulcan)
 He later returns with .... yes people... a 67v Vulcan?!
(67v Vulcan)
What do you think? haha :) I want one!!

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Nerf4Hire party promo video

The folks over at Nerf4Hire have just released a promo video, and it's a real eye catcher!

Who are they? What do they do?
For the ultimate birthday party rent a package of Nerf guns and have a huge Nerf War. With several packages available starting at £60 for 10 kids we are sure to have the package for your needs and can accommodate up to 40 kids. This service is only available in the UK, go to for more details.
Thats them in a nutshell. A fantastic idea, and something I wish was around when I was a kid!

A definite party package for guaranteed fun!! They provide all the blasters depending on the amount attending, and box it off to you with a list of game modes and missions. They supply a range of blasters, vests and darts. They provide the best means of protective gear you need  - combat glasses.

When you are done, pack it back and and return it. Easy and as simple as that.

The darts do sting slightly on point blank, but a little pain with pleasure is easily overlooked! But when most fire fights are over a distance, its more or less bouncing off you - unless its a Tag Dart :) These are designed to stick to the combat vest they supply. Simple velcro. Nothing more nothing less :)

So, what are you waiting for? BOOK THEM! :)

Nike's KD 5 "Energy" inspired by Nerf!

Like many of us, we love Nerf :)

Nike, the sportswear maker, has taken that love further, and created a homage to Nerf! Kevin Durant has been sporting them at Charity games and various other events so you may already know what i'm talking about!

If you are familiar, or even an owner of - the  Nike KD 5 "Energy" (below), it has been called many things, but the maker says its inspired by the Nerf sports toys.

I called Nike (Uk) for more pics or info on these trainers (sneakers for our counterparts across the pond!). They told me that the NBA lockout might be in effect, but the Nerf basketball season is running all year round.

I'm not going to lie, these look pretty cool summer wear.
But what gives the real Nerf feeling in the KD 5 "Energy" range? Kevin Durant said that he wanted to say "Thank you" to the childhood toy that gave him enjoyment and inspired him to be a Professional Sportsman. Take a look below for more pics:
This set comes complete with its own Nerf basketball and its own Nerf dunk game (dunk board comes part of the packaging!).
Originally seen back in October, they are set for release (rather short notice right?) now, but expect these to be limited edition!
Love them personally!! Will you get a pair?

Saturday, 29 December 2012

REVIEW: 2013 Nerf Elite Stryfe

Hey guys! Been ABSOLUTELY dying to post this review!! Its the new 2013 Elite Stryfe blaster.

I can totally say its freaking awesome! Its got SO much versatility - from being long range support, to up close quarter battles. Its accepts so many of the N-Strike and Elite accessory range it becomes what you need it to be, for whatever situation you are in!

I have a rather limited supply of accessories, but these are just some of the pieces that fit perfectly and allow massive customisation. A Retaliator stock, a Stockade stock, a Retaliator and Longstrike barrel, Retaliator tactical grip, Longstrike scope, a CS-6; CS-25 and CS-12 magazine.

There is a much needed mod included in my video, and WHY it needs to be done to make it battle/play-friendly. A lot of people on YT are just pulling it straight out and telling you "Just do it!" and thats it. Ok...? Well. Not good enough in my opinion!

(This internal mechanic part I have codenamed "Captain fun-breaker".)

This said, you HAVE to do this mod otherwise its not worth playing with at all. It constantly jams thinking it has no darts in the feed, or thinks it has a jam when there is no issue at all.

The blaster allows you so much control over your loadout for a battle or hvZ fights. If you lack a certain blaster in one part of your arsenal, then you can adapt the Stryfe to make up for that area.

Brilliant blaster, it is a MUST have in everyone Nerfers cache. Get it!

ps. Here is the link to a friend Coop772s, he is an awesome guy for mods and reviews:

REVIEW: 2012 Elite Hail-Fire

Got this for Xmas, ABSOLUTELY love it!!!

It's an awesome support/supression fire blaster.

Whilst it can carry a massive 144 darts, is best suited to hold 48 darts via 8x6 Clip System magazines.

The main reason being, weight. It's very heavy with 12 or 18 clip magazine. Throw a CS-X drum on there, and it gets even worse weight wise, and accuracy does get affected.

Sadly, the blaster comes with only 4 CS-6 magazines. I would happily of paid the extra bit to have a full 48 dart load-out. No questions asked.

(It looks sad, doesn't it?)

Hasbro did bring out the Hail-Fire Mission Kit, that completes the loud-out with the last 4 CS-6 magazines complete with 24 darts.

Once they are popped in, we are ready for battle!!

(It looks like a happy Hail-Fire now doesn't it?!)
The Hail-Fire (UK/EU?) comes with a clear jam window plastic window slide, because from what i've seen, the US and Asian blaster comes with the trade mark Blazing Nerf Orange,

It just looks awesome :) and when you arc-fire the blaster for more range and rain a hail of fire (every pun intended!) on the enemy, it looks awesome to look at the darts fly right down the barrel :)

This blaster is ideally suited to you Heavy Weapons specialists, and support players. The motor is a very powerful one, and the fly-wheels definitely get a work out when you are in full swing gunning targets down.

If you are holed-in to a spot, this is a very good way to fight out, because the motor firing up is a definite alarm bells in the enemy ears to duck down! Even in Close Combat Quarter situations, this is perfect to lay suppressive fire.

 A definite buy for you Arnie/Rambo toting lovers out there :)

Hope you enjoy it, Subscibe and 'Like', thanks for watching!

REVIEW: 2013 Nerf Elite Strongarm

Hi guys,

Been pretty super busy travelling around to and from inlaws and family over the Xmas holiday period, and not had a chance to do much review-wise. But find below my review for the new 2013 N-Strike Elite Strongarm blaster.


It's a pretty awesome sidearm blaster, a definate for hvZ or regular Nerf battles. If you can't get your hands on a Stryfe, then the Strongarm is a suitable option.

It's much slimmer but retains a meaty look and weight unlike the bulkier Maverick, and generally feels like a good sidearm. The internal mechanics are smart (as with all the new 2013 Elite range!) and you can see how they have addressed the AR system seal with a foam-sealed snap-trapdoor. There is also a needle tooth that detects if there is a dart in the chamber, allowing you to properly fire the blaster, instead of dry-shooting and damaging the blaster AR seal.

When the barrel is closed, it completes a very tight seal around the chambered dart, ensuring that Elite range.

One thing that many of us had hoped, is the ability to chain fire all barrels one after the other. Whilst they have not opted for this (I can hear your "Boo's!" all the way over here in London!) they have taken the time to address this. When you fire a dart off, the chamber rotation occurs after the dart has cleared the Strongarm. This makes for a cleaner and more accurate lineup for the next dart. Most Maverick users had an issue with this or the problem of the next round not lining up well enough and some even reporting this to cause annoying jams.

Another plus over the Maverick, is that the barrel cut-outs allow loading of the darts on the fly (4 at a time, or if you have the time and space to breathe, do a full load-out quickly. The barrel opens out far enough to allow it to be fully loaded in one go without too much messing about.


All in all a most definte replacement to the Maverick, the ranges are confident and a most definite blaster for a battle or hvZ!
I will be having a N-Strike Elite Stryfe! giveaway coming up! So please subscribe and 'Like' to be in with a chance!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Newtown massacre parents lobby for toy gun ban

It seemed inevitable, but I think a lot of us never really believed it would.

"As the nation debates gun policy following the mass shooting in Newtown, Conn., some parents are imposing a different kind of gun control in their own homes: They are taking away their children’s toy guns."

After Newtown, some parents impose (toy) gun control - (blog)

HasbroNews: 75% Americans to party @home for NYE!

RT @HasbroNews New Survey Finds 75% of Americans Plan to Stay Home This New Year’s Eve - Add Games to Turn it into a Party to Remember

Nerf toys amongst most favouritest Xmas gifts for spending time with family!

"But out in the cities and towns in our region on the day after the gift-giving holiday, people claimed that spending time with family, Nerf guns, books, electronics and dolls were among their best treats.


Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Mattel and Hasbro terrified that kids no longer want toys

Remember when everyone HAD to have a Tickle-Me-Elmo for Christmas?

Sure, Elmo was borderline useless, but the entire profound meaning of the holidays became reduced to whether or not your parents could afford to get you the ultimate status symbol of toys.

Well, Hasbro and Mattel weep for the golden days of Elmo, according to an analyst with Needham and Company.

Savvy modern tots increasingly prefer tablets to toys, and Mattel and Hasbro are apparently getting quite concerned by the tide of the times.

Toys-R-Us, the nation’s largest toy retailer, even unveiled its own tablet for youngsters called the “Tabeo.”

Looks like there may come a day when the only people in the market for dolls and action figures are grown up collectors.

N-Strike Elite Hailfire at insane price!!!

Hey guys, heads up for all you bargain hunters!!! has a listing for the Hailfire @ a break-neck price £22.49!!! Hailfire

Monday, 24 December 2012

Heads up US Nerf fans!!

Target has announced a 50% off all toy sale!!! Rush the Nerf aisle!!!

Why Hasbro's stock is worth owning!

Why Hasbro's Stock Is Worth Owning - Motley Fool

Former Nerf child actor admits modded blasters in TV ads!

Hi guys, i'm sure you will all recognise this face:
(Devon Sawa poster boy for Nerf)
He was the poster boy for Nerf TV advertisements, posters Ads, and covers of many Nerf blasters, before he moved on to bigger career opportunites like Hollywood movies like Casper music videos like Eminems Stan and more! (more info on Devon here)
Recently he gave an interview to the A.V Club. and for the lazy ones, here is the only Nerf question:
AVC: When you were the Nerf spokesperson, did you get free Nerf toys?

Devon Sawa:
"I got boxes and boxes and boxes. And here’s the thing: These weren’t just regular Nerf guns. The prop guys and the special-effects guys would put bigger springs in them. They were these hyped-up Nerf toys for the commercials. I hope I’m not going to get in trouble for saying that. But they were altered to shoot farther and harder, and I would come home with boxes of them. Boxes of footballs, boxes of these Nerf guns. I was the cool kid on the block. We’d actually have Nerf battles in the old neighborhood that looked like the commercials, with all the kids flying around shooting guns. It was pretty epic."
This is the product in question, the Kenner N-Strike Arrow Storm bow:

His answer troubles me I won't lie, but hey, don't we all mod our gear nowadays?

I think we all honestly mod blasters in some way or another, internally us Kidults started it all (what kid would ever dream of cracking open a internally mechanic toy? Except the mad scientists amonst us!).

Nowadays its a different story with the Elite range, but the N-Strike stuff I dont think anyone minds because it was all the way back in 1994. I think an issue most would have tho is the fact they gave a modded up blaster to a kid so young back then.

Source: Devon Sawa on Nikita, Nerf and going from teen-heart throb to SLC punk!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

War against toy guns

A SEMI-AUTOMATIC toy gun rated the most popular toy for boys this Christmas has raised the ire of a global peace movement.

The rapid-fire Nerf gun, which makers promise will "deliver a semi-auto barrage of darts as fast as you can pull the trigger", is the top-rating boys' toy on a list released by the Australian National Retailers Association.

But the gun, along with a field of similarly sophisticated toy weapons, has triggered concern among child safety experts, the anti-gun lobby and the Tasmanian branch of an international peace movement.

The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom has renewed its campaign against toy guns, in response to the growing popularity of the high-powered imitation arsenal for children.
Its Tasmanian branch president, Linley Grant OAM, urged families to resist buying toy guns this Christmas.
"Toys are for fun, not for fighting," she said.

Mrs Grant has written to the Education Department about the league's concerns and has compiled a flyer, about the dangers of war-like toys for schools, to hand out to parents.

"War toys create the impression that 'might is right' rather than helping children to learn kindness and generosity, reconciliation and acceptance of others," the flyer says.

Education Department deputy secretary Liz Banks said the flyers had been distributed to all schools, government and non-government.

Hi-tech Nerf guns, which shoot foam darts or discs and are intended for eight-year-olds and above, have been high on lists of popular Christmas gifts for several years.

They have become so popular that the national Toy and Game expo in Sydney next year is planning a 20m by 10m Nerf Arena, which organisers expect will be one of the top attractions.

Gun Control Australia has raised concerns about the popularity of such realistic toy guns. Spokesman Roland Browne said there had been a resurgence in toy guns in recent years but it was a "trend we shouldn't be accepting".
"We should be trying to move away from an American gun culture," he said.

Kidsafe Tasmania chief executive Jenny Branch said toy guns seemed more powerful each year and posed a potential physical danger.

She said long-range toy guns could cause eye injuries and she urged parents to include safety goggles with any gun gifts.

Mrs Branch said the toys should not be used near children under eight or left around for young children to access.


Saturday, 22 December 2012

Secret suprise from Hasbro Nerf UK!

Hey guys, just want to say firstly, THANK YOU for all your support, reading my Blog, watching my YouTube and following me on Fb and Twitter also! You guys totally rock!!  :)

Secondly, MAJOR "Thank You!" to Hasbro UK  for also liking what I do, and sending me suprise package to sponsor me! The video is below:

(I say "awesome!" a lot in this video.)
The Stockade comes with 10 standard elite darts, an awesome stock that holds an additional 10 darts (its super comfy too), and gives you access to a tactical rail also.
My first impression of the blaster itself is how small it was. It's a perfect sidearm blaster for battles, or even as a primary in hvZ games.
It is unfortunate that the barrel itself is not rifled, meaning that the range is somewhat limited compared to the barrels of say a Retaliator. Why is this a drawback? With rifled barrels it makes the darts fly farther in distance, and in a more controlled / accurate manner.
This is however made up by the fly-wheel mechanics. Why? Because the gears are smaller, more compact, they spin faster, giving us a higher rate of fire. This is not only perfect for those close range battles but also giving suppression fire in battles. If you need to run from point A to point B - perfect to keep enemies away or pinned.
The range I would say is comfortably around 50ft, arc'ed you are looking at 70 easy. It packs a punch thats for sure. If you can't get your hands on the new Elite Stryfe, or Strongarm, this is a definite good buy.
The stock is what makes this blaster amazing and well worth half the value alone! Its ability to carry an additional 10 darts - with the utility of pulling them out and loading the barrels quickly makes it an awesome blaster. For those that play a lot of battles or even hvZ, will know how important that is, and how much of a game changer it can be.
All in all, a great blaster, and well worth finding its way into your collection!

Love WoW? Love Nerf? Perfect match made in heaven!

If you have a friend, or family member who loves World of Warcraft and Nerf, then what better gift to get them than these custom made blasters!!

(Full credit to:

Friday, 21 December 2012

Elite Strongarm in time for Xmas!!!

Heads up to you UK folks!!

Order now the Elite Strongarm and get it in time for Xmas!!

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster (price: 9.99)

Technical Details

  • Strongarm blaster holds 6 Elite darts
  • Fires darts up to 75 feet
  • Includes 6 Elite darts
  • Pump the Slam Fire slide repeatedly while you hold down the trigger for rapid firing
  • Flip open the rotating barrel for easy loading

Attention UK! Elite Stryfe available for Xmas!

Hey guys got a heads up for you! have listed the Elite Stryfe for sale officially from themselves in time for xmas!!! GET BUYING!!!

Elite Stryfe (Price: £17.10)

Product Features and Technical Details

Product Features

  • NERF Elite Stryfe, 6 Elite Darts
  • Brand new, best quality, factory sealed, complete
  • by the manufacturer Hasbro
  • from the series NERF N-Strike Elite
  • including reusable foam darts - Refill packs sold separately
  • Motorized semi-auto Stryfe blaster
  • Acceleration Trigger powers up the motor for semi-auto blasting
  • Tactical Rail is compatible with most N-Strike accessories Each sold separately
  • New Elite design for darts
  • Fires darts up to 75 feet

Technical Details

Requires 4 "AA" batteries (not included).

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Girls with Nerf guns: Toy retailer creates gender-swapped catalog

A Swedish toy catalog goes equal opportunity by handing boy toys to girls and vice versa. Why is this such a big deal?


Dudley pensioners swap IT and art clases for ice skating and Nerf Blasters

Never too old to Nerf guys - and these pensioners prove it!!

A group of energetic pensioners from Age UK Dudley proved age is no barrier to fun when they enjoyed an action-packed afternoon at Merry Hill’s new Quest adventure complex at Merry Hill.

Members swapped gentle exercise, IT and art classes for ice-skating, Nerf Blasters and climbing to great heights on the centre’s new high ropes course - the highest of its kind in Europe.

High ropes manager and ex-RAF fitness instructor Mark Knox said: “It was amazing to see everyone giving all the attractions a go.”

Jenny Worwood, Springboard Project co-ordinator for Age UK Dudley, said members enjoyed “an afternoon to remember filled with laughter and achievement”.

Gutsy pensioner Pam Pedley, aged 71, said: “It was absolutely brilliant and I got such a buzz from the experience, I can’t stop talking about it and telling everyone.”

Christmas skating at the centre’s outdoor ice rink, surrounded by a festive market, is available daily from 10am to 8pm until Sunday January 6.

Skate sessions cost £7.95 for seniors for a 45-minute session. Pre-booking is recommended.
Senior Ice Skating Club sessions also run from 1pm to 3pm during term time, priced £4.95 per session.

N-Strike Melee weapons!

This has always been something that has lacked love, but these popped up at vHobby Midway in Malaysia:

Ancient Asia inspired the 2hnded N-Strike Vendetta: